Check-in Diogo Sales: “Human beings have a hard time accepting differences as a normal thing. That’s why we have so much inequality in the world.”

Diogo Sales
Jorge Badaue for Diogo Sales

by Warlen Pontes
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‘Game of Thrones’, the award winning HBO series, returns on April 24, 2016. The series, a fan favorite, has won the ‘Golden Globes’ and 26 other awards including an ‘Emmy’. In 2015, it reached 20 million viewers in the USA alone. This was record breaking. Surpassing even ‘The Sopranos’ which had 14 millions viewers at its highest. 
This season, ‘Game of Thrones’ will introduce a Brazilian actor, Diogo Sales, who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.  Diogo lives in London and graciously answered questions to TV a Bordo. 

The beginning
“My first play was “Captains of the Sand” in 2002. The director was Pedro Vasconcelos. In the play I managed a newsstand and played percussion”.
From Rio de Janeiro to London
“I always wanted to be recognized as an actor outside of Brazil. I had an opportunity to perform at a play in London so I decided to stay and invest in an international career”.
‘In England foreigners can suffer certain types of prejudice. It is masked and sometimes unintentional. In the society in which we live no one wants to be perceived as biased. Unfortunately prejudice exists in various forms and it is everywhere in the world. Human beings have a hard time accepting differences as a normal thing. That’s why we have so much inequality in the world”.
Theater, movies or Tv series?
“Since the beginning of my career I’ve always done theater. About a couple of years ago I stated to get involved in movies and TV series. To be a stage actor is very satisfying, but I love to work in front of the camera as well.  It is different and challenging as it requires other types of acting skills”.
An advice 
“Pursue an artistic career if you find it is that one thing you cannot live without. Be aware that it is a bottomless pit.  Be strong and persistent, because you are powerless about the future. An artistic career is just like life, you cannot always control it”
About your career
To talk about my career, I have to talk about my life starting from my birth.  I would have to tell you about my family, my upbringing and my training. I would have to talk about the fight to get here, the choices made throughout the years.  One thing influences another. Things do not happen out of nowhere”.
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TVaBordo – What is the character’s name? How was preparing to live the character in the series? DS – I am part of the Dothraki core, unfortunately I cannot say much because I signed a confidentiality agreement. I had to learn to ride a horse and speak Dothraki language that was created especially for the series.
TVaBordo – How long did the taping last? In how many episodes did you participate?DS – I think it should be about three episodes if I’m not mistaken. I started taping in September and finished in November.
TVaBordo – Which were the easiest or most difficult things about the taping? How did you overcome any difficulties? Who do you most identify with and why? DS – We had no major difficulties, only a few small issues.  I identified a lot with the actors of my core, because everyone was in the same boat.  I could relate to Joe Naufahu a lot. Maybe because he was from New Zealand and has a similar lifestyle that  I have in Rio de Janeiro.  He also is descended from Portugueses so there may be some connection there.
TVaBordo – What are some of the differences and similarities between the character and you? DS – The similarity is in how he handles friendship. He is very loyal just like I am.
TVaBordo – Any funny stories backstage that you can tell? DS – We were in Almeria recording and we went to a bar to enjoy some  music. At the bar we were quiet, and no one knew that we were actors. I do not know how but a person found out that we were filming Game of Thrones so the whole  bar stopped wanting to take a picture with us. The funny thing is that no one knew who I was, they just wanted a picture because of Game of Thrones.
TVaBordo – It is true that you were almost arrested in London before the Game of Thrones audition? What happened and how did you manage to get away? DS – I was stopped by police. On audition day I stopped at a park in front of Google which has a cemetery behind. I just stopped to send a text.  The park is on a busy road and without realizing I had stopped in front of a tomb. It was at lunchtime so lots of people were passing by. Probably someone saw me talking to myself in a cemetery and thought I was going to kill myself or do something wrong. So, they called the police. The policeman came up to me and asked what I was doing.  He said someone was suspicious attitude of me and afraid something bad was going to happen. When I explained to the officer that I was an actor auditioning for Game of Thrones he apologized and became curious about the series as he was a fan.
TVaBordo – What will happen in the sixth season? DS – The sixth season will be full of sensational surprises.
TVaBordo – GAME OF THRONES  message to fans:  DS – Wait for it has many new things to come.

Jorge Badaue for Diogo Sales
Fast game
Favorite actor: 
I cannot really choose as there are 
too many that I like.
Favorite actress: 
Also, impossible to choose.
Favorite  Male Singers:  
Tim Maia, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, 
Jorge Ben, Sam Smith, Renato Russian,
John legend, and many others.
Favorite Female Singers:  
Adele, Cassia Eller, Marisa Monte, 
Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, 
Vanessa da Mata, Adriana Calcanhoto, 
Beyonce and many other.
Tv Show: 
I don’t watch anything.
Best show: 
I have a hard time finishing series,
but ‘Rome’ I was able to finish it. 
I think it is the only one.  
The movie: 
“Alladin” and “ Home Alone”
The music of my life:  
‘Infinito Particular’ by Marisa Monte, 
Arnaldo Antunes e Carlinhos Brown.

On my birthday I want to:
Hear a lot of Happy Birthdays.
I have no ability to:
If it was possible to go back on time: 
I would have issues because I would 
keep trying to fix things or redoing what I did.
Character you would like to play: 
Dubbed or subtitled? 
Dubbed only if it is a children’s cartoon.
Fantasy or reality? 
Real fantasy.
Autograph or selfie? 
A hug
Early, late or on time?
When you wake up in the  morning – 
good mood or bad mood? 
Body part you like most? 
Part of the body you dislike? 
Currently my belly.
Bad quality:
Get me out of:  
It makes me happy:  
Good news.
Best dish: 
My grandmother’s beans.
My most delicious dessert: 
Salted caramel ice cream.
An ugly word: 
A beautiful word: 
I have had many lately is the Zouk.
Alone or with someone?
It is better to be alone than in
 bad company.
Kiss on the lips or in the neck? 
Kiss on the lips and on the neck.
Love or passion? 
You fall in love and then love.
Rio de Janeiro or London?
When I’m in London I miss Rio, 
when in Rio I miss London. 
That’s why we have cross Atlantic flights.
Christmas or New Year? 
Soccer team:  
Assumption Football Club.
I miss: 
My childhood.
Best quote:  
Maximus in the movie ‘Gladiator’. 
“What we do in life echoes in eternity”.
Iis a quiet guy.
Message to the fans:
I have fans? 
Prosperous New Year to all.


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